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NEW!The 2CV Zone

NEW! The 2CV Zone

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 historic 2CV pictures

Bonnet studies by Bertoni TPV 1939
Drawings that Bertoni made in 1945 for the bonnet of the 2CV, many ideas, always with one headlight... ... just like the préseries TPV (toute petite voiture = very little car) from 1939 had: only one headlight!

more historic 2CV pictures

2CV Scale Models

2CV Charleston model real 2CV Charleston
1:43 model of the 2CV Charleston the real thing!

more 2CV scale models will follow


2CV details

2CV headlight 2CV direction light
Square headlight of the 2CV4 and 6 Club and Charleston models from 1969 - 1990; the Spécials still had round headlights. Front direction light of the 2CV4 and 6, all models from 1969 - 1990

2CV Magazines

Citropolis 2CV Magazine planet 2CV
The special edition of "Citropolis" in Dutch, France, July 1997 An image from the 1st edition of "2CV Magazine", France, February 1998 "planète 2CV", a magazine in French and English, France, April 1998


2CV Books

De Eend Autocollection no.14 La 2CV
"De Eend, Citroën 2CV in Nederland", Rob de Lange, in Dutch, many pictures in B/W, Netherlands 1996, 200x260 mm.,
ISBN 90-389-0206-9
Citroën 2CV, Autocollection No.14,
"La 2CV, Nous nous sommes tant aimés", Jacques Wolgensinger,
in French, many pictures,
B/W and 4C, France 1995, 125x180 mm.,
ISBN 2-07-053347-6


2CV Screensaver

Look out for crossing frogs! Oops, splash !!!
with this screensaver from Springsoft you kill frogs that are crossing your screen from bottom to top with 2CV's that go right-left or left-right
download a 2CV screensaver
this is a test version, zipped 642 k together with others, choose the gridlck.scr; but you can install it this way: user ID: enter 3 words, for instance "Burger van Eendendam" and the registration no. is: 80450462


2CV parts

2CV body parts


2CV brochures

2CV brochure from the sixties 2CV brochure from the seventies 2CV brochure from the eighties
a 2CV sales brochure from the sixties a 2CV sales brochure from the seventies a 2CV sales brochure from the eighties


2CV Manual

Haynes 2CV manual

The Haynes manual for 2CV, Ami and Dyane, in English


2CV Publicity

2CV picture 2CV France3
the 2CV was a car for the working class in the fifties and sixties.... ....and became a car for the young and alternative people in the seventies; a special series France 3 (or Beachcomber or Transat in other countries)


2CV on Laser Disc Video

Cliff Hanger ...the 2CV plays a roll on this movie "Cliff Hanger" that also appeared on a Laser Disc Video, this is the flyer for it...


a new 2CV?

Citroën Mini

To be introduced: Autumn 1999?

Citroën X will come with extremely futuristic design, short in length and overhangs, tall and equipped with two huge doors. Engines will be taken from Peugeot's shelf (40 and 50 HP), interior offers room for two adults plus a bit of luggage.

CitroŽn X
Citroën new 2CV

To be introduced: 2000?

This project looks more like a 2CV than the Citroën X above. It has also the nose of the new Citroën style the Xsara. Would the new 2CV be like this or ....

... look more like the next project that was shown on the Paris motorshow in October 1998, where people could give the car his final name. To be sold in the showroom from 2001 or 2002 in a form that looks like this:

Citroën C3


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