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NEW!The 2CV Zone
The 2CV Zone

historic 2CV pictures

One of the 4 cars of the preseries TPV that were hidden in 1939 , the other 246 were destoyed. Front view of this car that was reassembled in the seventies. The open hood (bonnet) shows the watercooled engine.

A 2CV from 1951 shows the differencies with the prewar preseries. The outer form stayed about the same, but all the materials has been changed. The coachwork is now made of steel in stead of aluminium...
... and from this side you can see that the number of headlights has been doubled. After the introduction on the Salon de l'Automobile 1948 in Paris, the production started in 1949 with only 876 2CV's. In 1950 there were 6196 2CV's made, and the car on the picture is one of the 14592  2CV's that were made in 1951.

And from then on the production increased every year until 1966 when 168.357 2CV's were built (with the 2CV vans and Sahara's 4x4 together this was 232.551 cars). In 1990 the production stopped in Mangualde, Portugal, the last Citroën plant that still made the 2CV. Then 3.867.932 2CV's, 694 2CV Sahara 4x4 and 1.246.335 2CV Vans were produced, together 5.114.961 2CV's !!!
You may wonder: "What the heck is a Sahara?" Well, you take a normal 2CV, built a second (12 hp) engine and gearbox in the back. The sparewheel has to move to the front in the bonnet (hood), and the gastank is replaced by two tanks beneath the front seats. An extra gearbox connects the 2 engines. Simple isn't it?
A simple drawing of the simple interior of the early 2CV's (until 1959). The "joystick" in the middle of the car is the gear handle, with the wheel above that you open the front ventilation. The steering wheel is made of steel. In the centre no speedometer, but an Ampèremeter, the speedometer is at the top left, and serves the windowwipers. The faster you drive the faster they wipe. With the wheel beneath the speedometer you can control the windowwipers manually when you drive slowly or stand still.

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